Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Software

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Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Software was first published in April 2010. acquired the software and has upgraded it to its present state i.e. "Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Software version 2".

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Software Version 2 is an integrated part of your organization's overall Fire Fighting System. With this software installed, one can rest assured that the fire extinguishers are maintained on time. The software helps you to answer the following unanswered unthought-of questions:

  • Are your Fire Extinguishers maintained properly?
  • Are these maintained on time?
  • Does your Fire Fighting staff actually checks the fire extinguishers?
  • Is your Fire Fighting system up to date?
  • Has your organization prepared for Fire breakout?
  • Is a Fire Risk Assessment conducted by a third party periodically?

Depending on your needs, this software can assist you in maintaining number of fire extinguishers from less than 10 to more thousands as desired. It also helps in proper distribution of Fire Extinguisher's maintenance responsibility from less that 5 Fire fighters to an entire team.

To get a better idea of Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Software version 2.0, please feel free to download Tutorials.

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App coming soon for Android and Apple