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TWO AND A HALF MINUTE - is a figurative time needed to go through my electronic newletter aimed to create environmental awareness and enterpreneurship in Pakistan. The newsletter is published on a monthly basis with occasional updates on environmental upadates in Pakistan. Monthly Newsletter is posted here and also sent via emails. Please feel free to subscribe to our free email subscription.

Two And a Half Minute by Tufail Ali Zubedi / SPMC consultants

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Correct Answer

A. A factory pollutes a river as much as the law allows. Explanation This statement best illustrates the tragedy of the commons because it shows how a factory is exploiting a shared resource, the river, to its maximum extent without considering the negative consequences on the environment or other users of the resource. The factory is polluting the river up to the legal limit, indicating a lack of concern for the long-term sustainability of the resource and the well-being of other stakeholders. This scenario highlights the tragedy of the commons, where individual self-interest leads to the degradation of a commonly shared resource.

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