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NFPA 704 is a standard maintained by the U.S.-based National Fire Protection Association. It defines the colloquial "fire diamond" used by emergency personnel to quickly and easily identify the risks posed by nearby hazardous materials.

The four divisions are typically color-coded, with blue indicating level of health hazard, red indicating flammability, yellow (chemical) reactivity, and white containing special codes for unique hazards. Each of health, flammability and reactivity is rated on a scale from 0 (no hazard; normal substance) to 4 (severe risk).

SPMC has been busy with the creation of a desktop printing software, called "HAZCOMM", that maybe used to visually communicate hazards of any chemical to workers who may be unaware of these.

We encourage you to go through this Introduction of HAZCOMM software and NFPA Diamond (NFPA 704)
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